Designer of all types of media

Dolores Loebl


Video Editing:

Below Techno CNC Systems MARKETING VIDEO: I use Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects to create videos and I developed the company YouTube Channel.


Layouts for Pre-Press

My work is published in the following publications:

  • Aces Magazine
  • A&E Magazine
  • Auralfix Communique
  • FDMC Red Book
  • Goodtimes
  • Industrial News Trader
  • Inside Connection
  • Machine Design
  • Manufacturing News
  • Metalforming Magazine
  • More Sugar
  • Outlook Long Island
  • PD&F Plastics Magazine
  • Signbuilder Illustrated
  • Signs of the Times
  • Techdirections Magazine
  • Techiques Magazine
  • Woodshop News

SEE THE BEAUTIFUL TILE SAMPLES IN THE 32-PAGE CATALOG. I had the opportunity to handle and photograph these works of art on the job at Procida Tile Importers. Additionally, I worked side by side with the tile artists that painted their backsplashes as well as the office staff and warehouse personnel.

PDF 32-PG Procida Tile Catalog