Work as an Illustrator with Adobe Creative Suite & Artistic Media

Dolores Loebl


Photoshop, Indesign & Illustrator:

Below on the job: In Photoshop I silhouetted and color corrected the photograph of the CNC machine and the supporting graphics, then I designed the layout in Indesign. Additionally, I designed the vector artwork branding of the company logo and machinery logos in Adobe Illustrator.

My illustration and editing process is shown above ...

ABOVE: In Photoshop I silhouetted and color corrected the photograph. The 4th image is the CNC machine with the operator in the press-ready ad published in Sign Builder Illustrated Magazine.

BELOW: All these products are full size machines that I isolated the shop backgrounds to make this layout for the company product line card that I prepared in Adobe InDesign. This handy-double sided flyer makes the distribution of marketing materials easy!


Animated Gif Banner:

Below on the job: Designed and optimized for the web in Photoshop. It changes every few seconds. A great way to showcase several products in one place!